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 What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a money saving alternative to car ownership and traditional car rental services. Car sharing began in Europe and is quickly spreading throughout the United States.

Car sharing provides its members with a fleet of vehicles that are located throughout the community for rental 24 hours a day/ seven days a week. Individuals and businesses can join a car sharing service for an annual fee. Members pay for the use of cars, trucks or vans on an hourly, daily or weekly rate.

Members receive an electronic fob that gives them access to any vehicle that they have reserved by phone, smartphone or online. The fob is held over a sensor on the windshield of the vehicle and the door unlocks if the member has a reservation. The key to the vehicle is in the glove box.

The member uses the vehicle for the period of their reservation and returns the vehicle to the same location or pod where they picked the vehicle up. They are billed for the time they used the vehicle.

Car sharing is convenient with easy reservations with no paperwork. Most members reserve a vehicle online in about 15-30 seconds. Members save on their transportation costs of owning a vehicle (vehicle payment, insurance, parking, maintenance, and vehicle cleaning).

Car sharing is used by people who own a vehicle, but need a pick-up truck or van. The service is used by commuters, businesses, colleges, nonprofit organizations, seniors, visitors, families and governmental agencies.

Car sharing improves air quality and traffic congestion as each car sharing vehicle replaces 8 privately owned vehicle.