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Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Toyota's Prius has been the most popular hybrid vehicle in the U.S. FunRide has the Prius available for car-sharing!
If you haven't yet driven a Prius, give it a spin. It's ride is smooth and informative!

Join FunRide and give the Toyota Prius a try!

Honda Civic Natural Gas

Honda Civic CNG

The Honda Civic Natural Gas is a great alternative fuel vehicle option. According to the EPA, nearly 87% of natural gas used in the U.S. is produced domestically and that gas burns cleaner than gasoline.

Try FunRide's Honda Civic Natural Gas Vehicle!

Chevy HHR E-85

Chevy HHR E-85

You can't deny that the HHR is a comfortable and spacious vehicle. Combine that with the cleaner burning 85% ethanol content and you won't feel quite as much guilt driving around with this vehicle.

Get FunRide's Chevy HHR E-85 today!

Dodge Dakota Truck E-85

Dodge Dakota E-85 Truck

The Dodge Dakota E-85 is a great vehicle for our fleet. Do you need a truck for moving your bed, or some other item that your car can't handle? Then, our FunRide Dodge E-85 truck is perfect for you.

Get FunRide's Dodge Dakota E-85.

15 Passenger Van

8 & 15 Passenger Vans

Need a large van for an upcoming event or activity? Look no further than FunRide. We have 8 & 15 passenger vans available. Need it for an extended period of time? No problem! Call us at (805) 547-2225.

Join FunRide today to get a van for your event.

Honda Insight Hybrid

Honda Insight

The 2010 Honda Insight is a comfortable 4-door Sedan with great gas mileage. A great vehicle for long distance trips.

Get FunRide's Honda Insight today.

Chrysler Town & Country Van

Chrysler Town & Country Van

For those moments where you realize that you have more passengers than your car or truck can handle, the FunRide Chrysler Van is an easy option for your sudden transportation predicaments.

Get FunRide's Chrysler Van today.