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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for FunRide

1. What does it cost to register with FunRide? There is an initial fee of $25 to cover the cost of your membership information packet, fob, checking your driving record, and setting you up in our reservation system. The cost of the first year of FunRide membership is $30.  We also have a plan for frequent FunRide users for $20 a month that reduces your hourly and mileage rate. There is no membershpi fee if you rent a vehicle for one time use.
2. What are the requirements for FunRide insurance? You cannot have received a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Reskless Driving charge in the last three years. You also cannot have more than two moving violation in the last three years.
3. How do you pay for the FunRide service? When you register with FunRide, you will need to give us credit card information to pay for your monthly use of FunRide and additional fees or penalties. You will receive a monthly invoice by e-mail. If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the FunRide office as soon as possible and we will resolve your concern.
4. What additional fees or penalties could I be charged? We ask you to be considerate of all our members when you use FunRide. As outlined in your FunRide Membership Agreement, you will be charged a penalty fee if you return a vehicle late, leave the vehicle in a messy condition, fail to park in a FunRide parking space, or smoke in a FunRide vehicle.
5. What can I do if there are no FunRide vehicles near me? The goal for FunRide is to make vehicles available throughout our service areas. You can help us establish a site for a vehicle or pod near you by completing a memo to us in the Contact section of our website.  Let us know where you would like a pod and your e-mail address.  We will use these entries to determine where to place future pods. We will contact you when a pod is established that can meet your transportation needs.

Reserving a FunRide Vehicle

6. How do I reserve a FunRide vehicle? You can make a reservation on the FunRide website:, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can make a reservation 3 months in advance or 5 minutes before you need the vehicle. Select the vehicle that you want to reserve and check on its availability. You can reserve the vehicle for up to ten days, if it is available.
7. What if I do not have internet access? You can also make a reservation by phone by calling our office.
8. What if a vehicle is not available at the time I need it? We encourage you to reserve your vehicle several days or weeks in advance to insure that a vehicle is available. You may need to select a vehicle that is further away from you to get a vehicle. If you have a problem reserving a vehicle, please call the office to see if we can set you up with a vehicle. We will increase the number of vehicles at a pod as the demand for vehicles increases.
9. Can I use any FunRide vehicle? Yes, you can use any FunRide vehicle. You may want to select a vehicle based on the type of alternative fuel it uses. You may want to lease a truck if you need to move some items. All vehicles need to be returned to the pod that you picked them up at.
10. How much does it cost to use a FunRide vehicle? FunRide offers three rate plans for our customers. The Basic Plan is $7.50/hr with 150 free miles with each reservation ( 40 cents a mile after 150 miles). The Special Rate id $6.50/hr, with 150 free miles (30 cents a mile after 150 miles). The business rate is $6.50/hr with 150 free miles (30 cents a mile after 150 miles).  
11. Can I cancel a reservation? Yes. You can cancel a reservation online or by calling the FunRide office.
12. Can I use the FunRide for trips outside San Luis Obispo County? Yes, we recommend using our hybrid vehicles for longer trips. We also have daily rates with unlimited miles.

Riding in a FunRide Vehicle

13. How do I get access to FunRide vehicles? When you register with FunRide, you will receive your fob. When you arrive at your reserved vehicle, swipe the fob over the sensor on the windshield on the driver’s side windshield. The vehicle will unlock and you will find a key to the vehicle in the glove compartment.
14. Do I need to return the car to same location? Yes, you need to return the FunRide vehicle to the same location that you picked it up at. You will be charged for the time that the vehicle is away from it’s home location or pod.You can use our Premium Service to have a vehicle delivered or picked up from a different location for an additional charge. You must call our office to set up Premium Service in advance of your reservation.
15. What types of vehicles are available? FunRide is a green carsharing service that only features alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles. The vehicles will be fueled by electricity, natural gas, biodiesel,propane, and flex-fuels. All vehicles will be automatics and easy to drive. We offer different sizes of cars and trucks.
16. Do we need to refuel the vehicles? No, FunRide will take care of fueling the natural gas and biodiesel vehicles. You will need to plug in the electric vehicles when you return them to their pod. We will also provide you locations for parking spots in the community where you can plug in and charge the electric vehicle.
17. What about parking fees and tickets? You will be responsible for any parking fees or tickets that you incur while using the FunRide service. You will also be responsible for any charges incurred if the FunRide vehicle is towed while you are using the vehicle.
18. What happens if you get in an accident? You need to contact our office immediately if you get in an accident. If you have insurance, your insurance will be the primary insurance in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. You will find an accident report packet in the glove compartment, and you need to complete the information on the form. If you do not have insurance, you will be charged for $500 of the $1,000 deductible, unless the accident is proven to be the other driver’s fault. Failure to report damage to a FunRide vehicle will result in you paying the full cost of the $1,000 deductible.
19. What if the vehicle breaks down? You need to call the FunRide Office to report the situation. We will bring you a replacement vehicle in case we cannot determine the problem and fix it.
20. What do I do if I have a problem and the FunRide Office is closed?. You should call the office number (805) 547-2225 with any emergencies. The call will be forwarded to our on-duty staff if the office is closed. Emergencies include: (1) a car is not at the pod when you had it reserved; (2) an accident; (3) you are locked out of your vehicle; (4) the vehicle breaks down; or (5) you know you will be late returning a vehicle and it will effect the member who reserved the vehicle after you did.
21. How do we keep track of damage to the vehicle? Each member needs to walk around the vehicle before they use the FunRide vehicle to look for damage to the vehicle. There is a damage report card in the glove compartment. If the damage is not recorded on the damage report card, please call the FunRide pager and report the damage. Reporting the damage will protect you from being blamed for the damage.
22. What if we are running late to return the FunRide vehicle? It is extremely important to return the vehicle in time for our next member to use the vehicle. If you are running late, please call the office or go online to extend your reservation. If you arrive late to return the vehicle, you will be responsible for any transportation costs incurred by the member who had reserved the vehicle, such as taxi cabs or rental cars.
23. Who can drive the FunRide vehicle? Only registered FunRide members can drive the vehicle.

Other FunRide Questions

24. Can I use FunRide for personal and business trips? Yes, you may can register for two accounts using the same fob.  You will receive a code number for your business use and another code number for your personal use.    When you make your reservation you will enter the business code for your business related trips and your personal code when you use a FunRide vehicle outside of work. Your business FunRide activity will be billed to your company, while you will be billed for your personal FunRide services.
25. Can I smoke in the FunRide vehicle? No, there is a $200 penalty for smoking in a FunRide vehicle.
26. Can I bring pets into a FunRide vehicle? Yes, but you are responsible to clean up any fur and leave the vehicle clean for the next member. We recommend that you use a pet blanket or carrier. Please vacuum the car if you pet leaves fur on the seats or floor of the vehicle.
27. Do I have to clean the vehicle? FunRide will clean the vehicles on a regular basis, but you need to clean the interior of the vehicle after you have completed your trip. Remove all garbage and clean up any messes.
28. What do I do if I leave an item in the vehicle? You will have a 15 minute period after you check out the vehicle to return and retrieve the item. After the 15 minute period, you will need to make a reservation and pay for an hour of service to gain access into the vehicle. It is very important that you take the time to make sure you do not leave any items in the FunRide vehicle.
29. What if I find an item in the vehicle? Please place the item in the glove compartment or trunk and let FunRide know.
30. What is the FunRide Maintenance Program? Safety is very important for FunRide. All vehicles receive regular safety check-ups by mechanics to find mechanical issues before they become a major problem. We ask our members to let us know of any problems they find, so we can have our mechanics fix the problem in a timely manner. If you have an urgent issue, please contact us immediately at the office or the FunRide pager.
31. Can I use a baby/infant seat in the FunRide vehicles? Yes, but you will need to provide your own car seat. The same laws covering the use of car seats apply to infants riding in a FunRide vehicle.