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Our Vision: FunRide is a S Corporation that has been in operation for the past six years. The company currently has reached the break-even point and is seeking investors who want to take advantage of the growth potential of FunRide. FunRide will use the investor funds to expand their service into other California communities.

Our Mission: To develop a profitable car sharing network featuring exclusively, alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles to reduce transportation costs for individuals and businesses, while expanding the use of green vehicles.

Contact Information: Mark Shaffer; CEO. Call:(805) 441-0851 or email:


Background: FunRide is a green car sharing service that started in San Luis Obispo, California in July of 2009. They currently operate eight vehicles and are planning to expand their operation throughout California. Customers join FunRide for just $30/month and receive a fob that allows entry to any of the vehicles. Members can reserve vehicles online or by phone, without filling out paperwork or going to an office to pick up keys. Customers can also lease FunRide vehicles on a one time basis without paying the membership fee.
FunRide received an initial SBA loan of $75,000 to start the operations in 2009. They have continued to grow the operation through operating revenue and investors. FunRide currently serves seven communities on the Central Coast of California with over 650 members. With further investors, FunRide will continue to expand their operations and increase their profitability.

Investment Opportunity: FunRide is offering shares of stock in its fourth round of offering. For an investment of $2,000, individuals will receive 5,000 shares of FunRide stock. For an investment of $5,000, individuals will receive 12,500 shares of FunRide stock. For an investment of $10,000, individuals will receive 27,500 shares of FunRide stock. Please call CEO Mark Shaffer if you would like to see our 10 minute presentation about the growth potential of FunRide.
We are looking for a major investor of $100,000 to become a partner in FunRide and a position on the Board of Directors. We are looking for a partner who would receive 3 million shares of FunRide stock (12% ownership) for $100,000 or 7 million shares of FunRide stock (28% ownership) for $200,000.

Our Strategies:

  • Get to Break Even: Develop business model that is profitable before expanding services to other areas.
  • Market Driven Growth: Development of car sharing services are based on demand for service based on acquiring 50 members per FunRide vehicle.
  • Variety of Vehicles: Offer members a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, and vans.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilize scheduling/billing computer software that allows vehicle monitoring over a large area to reduce overhead costs.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Offer exclusively alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles to let the general public experience the latest vehicles that reduce the use of gasoline.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Make excellent customer service a company value with fueling, keeping the vehicles clean, and assisting with registration and reservations.
  • Car Sharing IS Car Rental: Offer car rental services to customers who do not want to be a FunRide member. The customer can set up a one-time rental, but needs to become a member for additional rentals.
  • Develop a Green Community Around FunRide: Promote the environmental benefits of using green vehicles and reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Our Experience: FunRide’s model of green car sharing services was developed over a four year period by Mark Shaffer, who brings twenty-five years of experience in the transportation business operating a fleet of 128 buses and vans. He used research from the existing car sharing services and added the exclusive use of alternative fuel vehicles and hybrids.
FunRide has now been in service for six years using proven software which allows us to expand our services over a large geographical area. We are currently in negotiations with several communities to expand FunRide into other parts of the western United States.

Our Vehicles: Besides offering a low cost alternative to owning a car, FunRide’s mission is to increase consumer awareness of alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles that will reduce our country’s dependency on foreign oil. We offer our members electric, natural gas, hybrid, E-85, propane, clean diesel, and hybrid vehicles. We also offer alternative fuel pick-up trucks and fifteen passenger vans to meet all their transportation needs.

Our Future: FunRide has reached the break-even point at ten vehicles. We will not expand until the demand for additional vehicles are needed to serve our members. FunRide will look at expansion outside of San Luis Obispo in the future with an infusion of capital. This expansion will be funded through loans from governmental agencies, individual and venture capitalist investors, and income from operations. The expansion of FunRide will create jobs across the country, while promoting the purchase of green vehicles.