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     50 Reasons to Use FunRide

  1. 1. You can have a car payment or a FunRide.
    2. Rideshare commuters use FunRide to run errands.
    3. Try the newest alternative fuel vehicles.
    4. Visitors can use FunRide to reduce their car rental cost.

    Businesses use FunRide to save money.
    6. Use a FunRide truck instead of borrowing a friend’s truck.
    7. Out of town guests can use FunRide to get around.
    8. There’s no paperwork to reserve a FunRide.
    9. It’s good for the environment.
    10. Rent a van for just $7.50 an hour
    11. You’ll have something very interesting to talk about with others.
    12. FunRide is the new way to get around.

    13. It is simple to rent a FunRide vehicle.

    14. You don’t need to own a vehicle to drive one.

    15. Never stop at a gas station again.
    16. You’ll look good in a FunRide vehicle.
    17. FunRide vehicles are available 24 hours a day.

    18. Focus on what you’re doing and less on your transportation needs.

    19. Support farmers that produce biodiesel and ethanol from their crops.

    20. Helping create a sustainable future.
    21. It just makes sense.

    22. Don't sweat $5/gal gas.

    23. Cheaper than a traditional car rental agency.
    24. Reduce our need for foreign oil.
    25. FunRide fuels and washes the vehicles for you!
    26. You can join and reserve vehicles online.
    27. FunRide creates green jobs.
    28. You do not need to go to the car was.
    29. FunRide promotes the use of E-85.
    30. You can reserve FunRide online from anywhere.
    31. It feels good to be green.
    32. Why do you think they call it FunRide?
    33. Why rent a vehicle when you can car share?
    34. You don’t have a car payment with FunRide.
    35. FunRide is vehicle insurance.
    36. FunRide’s fleet is your back-up vehicle.
    37. FunRide is helping to meet AB 32 initiative to reduce green house gas emissions.
    38. Save as much as $450 in your monthly transportation costs.
    39. Drive less and spend less with FunRide.
    40. Experience an electric car with FunRide.
    41. Use a FunRide vehicle while your car is being serviced or repaired.
    42. FunRide brings a new driving experience into your life.
    43. Drive into the future with FunRide.
    44. FunRide helps you learn about alternative fuel vehicles.
    45. Be a part of the climate change solution.
    46. Give your gas guzzler a break on out of town trips.
    47. Save $4,800 a year by replacing your vehicle with FunRide.
    48. FunRide is cheaper than you think.
    49. Let FunRide give your business a fleet of green vehicles.
    50. Use FunRide on a rainy day when you cannot ride your bike.