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The FunRide concept was has been developed ten years ago to combine the cost savings benefits of car sharing with our country's need to encourage the use of alternative fuel vehicles. By using alternative fuel vehicles exclusively, FunRide will allow our customers to experience the next generation of vehicles, as they become available.

FunRide is working closely with the alternative fuel vehicle manufacturers to use FunRide to give easy access to their new vehicles. We offer a real life testing environment for their vehicles. We are dedicated to increasing the use of all alternative fuel vehicles to reduce the need for foreign oil and prevent further global warming.

Our business model was developed to serve small and medium markets that often are too small for the major car sharing services. Smaller cities, universities, and business complexes will be able to contract with FunRide to bring our green car sharing service to your community. We will develop a carsharing service that will be sustainable for decades.